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Working principle of ultrasonic transducers

Ultrasonic transducer: one can high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy of a device, usually a magnetostrictive and piezoelectric ceramic type. Power output to the ultrasonic generator, to the ultrasonic transducer, generally go through ultrasound device can generate ultrasound export a.

Ultrasonic transducer consists of: including shell, matching layer that is acoustic window, the piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer, backing, leads to the cable, characterized in that it also includes an array receiver, which leads from the cable, transducer, metal rings, rubber gasket composition.

Ultrasonic transducer and the role of the principle: ultrasonic transducer in the ultrasonic frequency that is resonant piezoelectric ceramic, the piezoelectric effect to convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations of ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device, it function is the input electrical power into mechanical power (ie ultrasound) and then passed out, face its own little part of the power consumption.

Type ultrasonic transducer: piezoelectric transducer can be divided into, the sandwich transducer, cylindrical transducer, horn-type transducer down and so on.

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